Houston JSHS Youth Club

Important Info: Please let us know via email, phone or text (if you have not) if you would like your youth to be able to:

– Leave Youth 360 without you here. In the past we have marked a Yes, No, or Please Call on their forms. Yes or no, with added instructions if needed, would be preferable now that we have such a large amount of attendees. We do not allow youth to leave program and return unless it is for an appointment, sports, or a family related activity. With permission youth can leave our program for the day without an adult or the bus present.

– Or take pain medication for headaches such as:  Ibuprofen  Acetaminophen  Neither/Both…

CONTACT THE HOUSTON CLUB Call (907)892-9495 or email houston@youth-360.org

Monthly Houston Club schedule:

03.06.23 – 03.10.23 Schedule


Meet Our Staff

Madeline – Manager